intraoperative neuromonitoring


Frequently Asked Questions:

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Q. What is Neuromonitoring?

Intraoperative monitoring (IONM) monitors the integrity of nerves and neurological responses along neural pathways to reduce the risk of injury to a patient's neutral structure during high risk and routine procedures.

Q. What service does Neuromonitoring Associates provide to patients?

In the operating room, our trained technologist applies several electrodes to the patient. The electrodes are either attached to skin with adhesives or are very small, short needles similar to acupuncture needles. These electrodes connect to the NMA monitoring system for continuous analysis during the entire procedure. Our system comes with a secondary screen so the surgeon can track the signals in real time. In addition, the NMA system connects to a neurologist who is remotely following the surgery and reviewing all the neuro-signals in real time. This remote physician can communicate directly with the surgeon should there be an alert or as needed to reduce risk of nerve damage.