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Best to Work With

Working with NMA will allow your hospital or surgical facility to achieve tremendous savings on IONM services. As IONM becomes the standard of care, many hospital and facility administrators are turning to neuromonitoring companies to avoid the high up front and continuing costs of maintaining full-time employees, IONM equipment, and supplies.

NMA is the best way to provide additional protection to your surgical facility’s patients.

Our IONM services are comprehensive: we provide expert clinicians and board certified supervising neurologists,and bring the latest equipment to your facility. We assume the financial responsibility of staff, supplies, and infrastructure. Hospitals and facilities are only charged a contracted rate in certain cases for the IONM services provided.

When on a surgery team, our clinicians are in constant contact with a team of board certified neurologists for real-time analysis of IONM testing results.

Your Satisfaction. Our Vision.

NMA offers services to many healthcare institutions, including hospitals and clinics. The personnel at all of locations are specially trained so they understand how to use the equipment, how to educate patients on the monitoring procedures, and how to consult with the patients’ physicians and care providers to create a united, collaborative effort.

Reduce Financial Risk

We remove financial risk by handling third party insurance billing and reimbursement for the services NMA provides. We also maintain exclusive relationships with equipment manufacturers, giving us cost-effective access to the newest IONM technology.

Custom Solutions

Need specialized IONM protocols? No problem—NMA is able to make adjustments and tailor our services to meet your surgical team’s specific needs. Our staff is available around the clock and can handle any volume of work. Clinicians and neurologists are always available whenever and wherever you need them.

Improve Operational Efficiencies

We do all the legwork for hospitals when it comes to employee training, equipment purchase and liability. The equipment is quite expensive and regular maintenance is needed; our specialists ensure the equipment is maintained properly.